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Natural Sisal Soap Bag


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These soap bags are made from natural sisal (plants) a skin friendly material. Perfect for exfoliation. Designed to hold soap and use when washing. Gently cleanses and exfoliates, leaving you with wonderfully smooth skin. They quickly create a lather and the lather lasts throughout your whole wash!! How to use: Place your soap bar into the bag and pull the drawstring tight. Place under running water and rub to encourage the bubbles. Then wash your body as normal. How to store: Once washing is complete, remove soap bar and place it on a soap dish (our wooden soap dishes are perfect!) to dry out. Rinse your soap bag under the running water until the bubbles have gone. Hang up to dry ready for the next use. Measurements: 9 x 14.5cm (3.5” x 5.7”) fits most of my soap bars and will loosen when wet. Soap not included.