Perfume/Aftershave Inspired Wax Melt Selection Boxes

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Two selection boxes made up of 6 wax melts fragranced with dupes of popular perfumes and aftershaves. 

The Perfume Inspired Box contains-

• Decadent - green

• La Vie Est Belle - Pink

• Velvet Rose & Oud - White

• Dark Opium - Grey

• Angels - Blue

• Aliens - Purple

The Aftershave Inspired Box contains-

• Oud Wood - Brown

• Millionaire - Gold

• Sauvage - White

• Royal Oud - Black 

• Aventos - Grey

• The Male - Blue

PLEASE NOTE: Naturgenix is in no way affiliated with the real product, our fragrance oils simply smell similar to the popular products. Named trademarks and copyrights are owned by the respective manufacturers and/or designers. The names are provided to offer you (the customer) as an idea of what the scent will smell like and not to infringe in any way on any of the trademarks.

Our wax is made of a rapeseed and coconut blend. It’s all natural, vegan, biodegradable and environmentally safe. It is non-toxic and contains no carcinogens or pollutants which means it’s less likely to trigger allergies.

Each of our wax melt boxes come with 6 different scented wax cubes, each scent has a different colour to differentiate them and they are fragranced with 10% fragrance which is the maximum we’re allowed to use. With us you are guaranteed a long lasting and powerful scent throw!!

Our wax melt boxes are fully CLP compliant and safe to use in your home.

Packaging: the boxes, labels, card and tissue paper are all fully recyclable. 

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